"Shipping Soon" notification emails have the highest open rates

ARPU uses them to sell more products to your most valued customers.

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Join the leading subscription e-commerce stores who leverage pre-shipping emails to create a permission marketing moment - an upsell opportunity.

Gain Trust with "Shipping Soon Emails"

No one likes unexpected charges.

ARPU sends a pre-shipping email reminder 3 days before your subscriber's next billing cycle.

This builds trust, brand loyalty, and positive word of mouth.

Showcase Your Other Products

Ever bought something last minute in a checkout line?

With over 90% open rates, "pre-shipping" emails are an opportunity to make more money from your most valuable customers.

With just a couple clicks, your subscribers are able to add more products to their next order, straight from the email.

Passively Increase MRR & Retention

Your subscribers are 20x more likely to try complimentary products.

Since these emails are sent with each billing cycle, it's an easy "set it & forget it" method to increase your monthly recurring revenue.

The best thing? The more products your subscribers get to try, the more engaged they are and likely to remain an active subscriber.

Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue Instantly

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"ARPU is a priceless tool that improves customer experience and sales by promotion products that our subscribers actually want."

Justin Mares
(CEO of Kettle & Fire, Co-Founder of Perfect Keto)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "shipping soon notification" email?

It may also be called an “upcoming order notification” or “pre-shipping notification” emails. These are emails that are sent to your active subscribers usually 3-7 days prior to their subscription renewing. It’s to remind your subscribers before their credit card gets billed and is considered best practice to provide a positive customer experience to avoid unexpected credit card charges.

Why are "shipping soon notification" emails considered prime marketing real estate?

These type of emails have the highest open rates and are sent to your most valuable customers who are likely to enjoy other products you may have. So it’s a free and recurring communication channel to cross-sell your other products and increase the average revenues of your subscription users.

What’s the difference between Recharge Payment’s Upcoming Charge Email and ARPUs?

ARPU specializes in upcoming order notification emails, whereas Recharge Payments specializes in the backend technology to enable recurring subscription purchases with Shopify. ARPU allows your customers to ‘add items’ to their next order, designed to reduce churn, and provides analytics. ARPU is a 3rd-party app designed specifically for Recharge Payment customers.

Will the "add-on" products from the emails be a subscription product?

Not yet, the products your customers “add” from the upcoming order notification emails are one-time orders. Think of them as “samplers” for your subscribers to try out, and if they like it, they can add it to their future recurring orders. However, we’ll be adding in the functionality for you to choose if you want the products to be an “one-time” add-on, or a “recurring” add-on.

Will my customers get 2 emails, one from Recharge Payments and one from ARPU?

No, as long as you disable the ‘Upcoming Charge’ notification in Recharge Payment’s settings (Recharge App → Notifications → Upcoming Charge).

Can I try an app before I buy it?

Yes, ARPU includes a 14-day free trial and can be installed through the Recharge Payments 3rd-party apps page. Give it a try and make sure it’s the app you need before you ever pay a penny for it.