Your shipping soon emails should make you more money

Take advantage of your highest open rates to improve CX, increase AOV, and reduce churn. ARPU does what Quick Actions can't—we let your subscribers add products or delay an order in 2 clicks, no login required.

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  • 10X average ROI, 5X guarantee
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Send your most valuable customers a great brand experience

Shipping soon notifications are a great way to remind your customers they’re about to get something they love. Now, with ARPU you can do even more with these notifications.

Increase your revenue with 2-click upsells

With ARPU, you can send beautiful, custom-branded emails that let your customers add products to an upcoming shipment without having to log in or re-enter their payment information.

Retain more happy subscribers with frictionless delays

If you don't give your customers an easy way to delay a shipment when they have too much product, they're more likely to just cancel. With our exclusive one-click delay, they don't even need to log in. And the best part: our frictionless delays increase your overall retention.

An email from an ecommerce store offering a discount on adding additional products to the recipient's cart.
“A priceless tool that improves CX and sales by promoting products subscribers actually want.”

Justin Mares, CEO of Kettle & Fire and Perfect Keto

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Join hundreds of ReCharge merchants using pre-shipping emails to generate millions in additional revenue with ARPU.

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We charge $0.06 per active monthly subscriber.

We give a 10X average ROI,
and we offer a 5X ROI guarantee.

  • Pay only $0.02 per subscriber over 5,000 subs
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Two-click upsells, no login required
  • Two-click delay or skip, no login required
  • Product swaps and segmentation
  • Analytics that show auditable ROI and performance
  • Free white-glove “done for you” setup
  • Email customization to fit your brand
  • Risk-free 14-day trial
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "shipping soon notification"?

It's just a notification you send to your customers telling them their credit card is about to be billed. It's a best practice that enhances customer experience and builds trust with your brand. You send these to active subscribers a few days before their subscription renews.

Why are these notifications considered prime marketing real estate?

These messages have really high open rates, averaging 60% or more! Plus, they're sent to your most valuable customers, those who already enjoy your products and are likely to want more of what you're selling. They provide a recurring, high-engagement communication channel where you can build trust, cross-sell and decrease churn.

Doesn't Recharge already have an Upcoming Charge Email?

They do, but they don't support the exclusive revenue-generating features we brought to the Recharge marketplace. ARPU is 100% focused on helping Recharge merchants send custom-branded, high-converting notifications that increase average revenue per user with one or two clicks.

Would you consider building a feature that does ______? 

If it aligns with our business of sending notifications that help you generate more revenue or increase retention, let's talk. 

What platforms do you support? 

ARPU works with Recharge on the following platforms: Shopify, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce.

Can we try before we buy? 

Yep, we offer a 14-day free trial and custom setup because we want you to see what results you can expect before you pay us a dime.